[wellylug] Setting up a simple web server

Jim Cheetham jim at gonzul.net
Tue Aug 9 10:44:39 NZST 2005

David Antliff wrote:
>> There were no complaints from the system, yet when I try to add the
>> files in the html folder, it complains I don't have permission to do
>> that.
> I suspect it's not rejecting the instruction to change the permissions -
> it's more likely some sort of misunderstanding about how the permissions
> apply.

Check the error.log to see what actually happened - was it the case thet
the web server couldn't read the files (i.e. permissions that can be
fixed with chmod) or was it because the web server refuses to serve that
directory to the network (i.e. <Directory> or <Location> statements in
the httpd.conf)?

Sounds to me like it's the latter case - but you should check the
error.log to be sure.


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