[wellylug] "The quart-annual top-posting debate"

andrej at paradise.net.nz andrej at paradise.net.nz
Wed Aug 10 09:19:37 NZST 2005

Quoting Bret Comstock Waldow

>> As I said: laziness on the behalf of the top poster. He can't be
> if the system doesn't support what people want to do, the system is 
> inappropriate.
> We are not here to cater to computers and their limitations, although I
> might decide personally to do so in order to pursue my own goals.
I'm not sure how those two statements relate to mine, were they
meant to?  If the tool is inappropriate, use another tool.  Not
going to get another tool comes back to being lazy.

> they are the reason 
> for the system, and their desires are the only guide to what the system 
> should do, as they are the only reason the system exists in any form.
The system of a mailing-list, discussion board or other
common means is NOT for the convenience of each individual
user - it's there for the group, or even for a higher common
goal, i.e. a flow of thought and communication.

And if the system is a group of people with disjunct
interests, like in this case the ones who just want to
click reply and start typing, and the ones who feel that
a post with individual responses to individual statements
is more appropriate, who decides?  And how does "the system"
cater to that need?  

And if the individuals "system" (his computer and e-Mail
client of choice) don't cater to the need of "the system"
(as in the group they belong to)?

The emphasis is that those users are using a system
not in a way that conveniences a group or a purpose, but 
their own laziness.

> You may use it as you wish. So will I.
> Users are never wrong.
Heh - I'll suggest that one for a Tui-ad.

> Cheers,
> Bret

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