[wellylug] spliting iso

Glen Ogilvie nelg at linuxsolutions.co.nz
Sun Feb 6 10:41:15 NZDT 2005

How about using dar ( http://dar.linux.free.fr/ ), it's based on tar, but 
will, among other things, allow you to split your backup into seprate files 
at a specific size.


On Sunday 06 February 2005 10:04, E.Chalaron wrote:
> Thanks for the replies, in fact my request was incomplete...
> here is the situation,
> I have 4 directories of  thousands (~ 3700) ppm files of 3.5 Mb each (super
> 8 mm movie frames). I already access the content but I need to backup them.
> So far no other option than DVD as backups.
> At second thought splitted tars of 4.4 Gb each could make my day.
> I know there is the -M option for several volumes in tar, still I have not
> found the command to say "split at 4.4 Gb"
> Then after I will mkisofs them...
> So anybody with the tar thing volume/limitation ? I tried -L but it is
> asking to insert a tape ?????????
> Any help again ? :-)
> Have a good weekend
> E

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