[wellylug] Hardware raid and Debian

Rob Stockley wellylug at mowgli.net.nz
Tue Feb 8 17:18:40 NZDT 2005

Peter Jones wrote:

>Do you get a "CTL-A" message at boot up? If so you should be able to use the
>cards own utility to format the disk, which should flag the bad sectors.
>BTW, is this card a rebadged DPT?  (Adaptec took over DPT) I have a couple
>of DPT cards with the Raid/cache modules.There is a little LED array on the
>cards that scans back and forth like the Knight Rider car.:-)
Yep that's the card I have all right. I've installed smartsuite and am 
going to take the time to do a proper badblocks scan as Ewen suggested. 
I'm also reading up on software raid using the /dev/md0 device. I didn't 
realise you could control the raid card using raidtools. Anyway it's 
going to take a long time to complete all the badblock scans. Thanks for 
the advice.


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