[wellylug] Data charge question:

Chris Hodgetts chris at archnetnz.com
Thu Feb 10 10:36:27 NZDT 2005

Have you ever heard such madness...

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Data charge question:

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* Response (Andrew)* 	10/02/2005 09.26 AM
Hi there,

Kirsty is our secondary DNS server, you will get charged traffic
connecting to our DNS servers. There are a list of servers for which
traffic is free, to quote the paradise.net webpage:

"We also run a number of servers for which traffic charges do not apply
to most* high speed customers. These include files.paradise.net.nz,
news.paradise.net.nz, radio.paradise.net.nz, debian.paradise.net.nz and
any of the servers listed at gamers.paradise."

*  * 	03/02/2005 11.43 PM

I understand that on the Paradise cable connection, I dont get charged for
connecting to any paradise.net server..

I was looking at my usage stats and saw this: kirsty.paradise.net.nz 1.09 0.11

This was taken against my National traffic...

Is this right?

Could you please explain why I would be getting a traffic charge to this
paradise server?

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