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Thu Feb 24 16:01:56 NZDT 2005

Here is what I sent to the commerce Commission.


Telstra Clear depeered from the Wellington Internet Exchange (WIX)
today.  I believe they may have also depeered from the Auckland Public
Exchange (APE), but this can not be confirmed at this time.  The WIX and
APE provides a neutral peering point between Internet Service Providers.
This means that I can connect to a server with another ISP connected via
WIX with the minimal number of hops and without it being routed through
Austrailia or America.

This depeering will severely disadvantage some of the smaller ISP's who
don't have a peering contract directly with Telstra Clear and servers
that are directly connected to CityLink.

When I asked the TelstraClear helpdesk about the problems I  was given
the following response:

Some organisations host their websites without a commercial agreement
for national transfer of content from their web site.

This is effectively TelstraClear trying to double dip by making both
their customers and the site that those customers visit pay for traffic.
I believe that Telecom have also depeered from both WIX and APE.  This
means that smaller internet service providers will be hard pressed to
continue to compete in the market place, and it will mean the delivery
costs of national Web content will rise to the point where it is much
cheaper to provide web content from overseas to New Zealand then it is
to provide the same content within New Zealand.

I ask that this matter be carefully considered as it is a matter of
national concern that 2 Largest ISP's are hamstringing the rest of the
IT industry, and the internet at large.

Please make all ISP's Interconnect via the Regional Internet Exchanges,
without exception, and without cost so that our neutral peering points
remain, and so that our transfer of national data is fast, and

Why should I pay my ISP more for a slower poorer service then is
available if all ISP's are connected to the Internet Exchanges we have.


I encourage all who care to make simnilar submissions to tthe Commerce
Commision as well.

On Thu, 2005-02-24 at 15:18 +1300, Jeremy Naylor wrote:
> At 15:12 24/02/2005, you wrote:
> >Done....
> >
> >I will be looking to change ISP's as soon as I can get a server up and
> >running somewhere on citylink.  I told the tecnician that I pay Telstra
> >Clear to provide me with an internet connection to whom ever I wish to
> >connect to via the shortest path possible.
> >
> >Their response is that some sites are not paying to be connected to the
> >internet and we shouldn't be allowed to get access to those sites.
> >Anything outside of of Telstra Clears netowrk is now International
> >traffic.
> >
> >I think maybe a complaint the Consumer Commission and the Minister for
> >Telecommunications is in order.
> >
> >Cheers,
> >--
> >         Daniel Reurich
> Hey Daniel and all,
> Cool - that's good. :)
> You can make an enquiry or complaint to the Commerce Commission, at: 
> http://www.comcom.govt.nz/Inquiries/enquiriescomplaints.aspx
> Hope this helps.
> Thanks,
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