[wellylug] reading a audio cd via network

Jamie Baddeley wellylug at vpc.co.nz
Sun Jan 9 10:27:45 NZDT 2005


box a: has cddrive but small cpu/memory/disk
box b: has no cddrive, but large memory/cpu/disk.

I want to be able to treat the remote cd drive like a local device.

I've looked at the NBD client/server but my cd backup software seems to

cdda2wav -D /dev/nd0
cdrom device (/dev/nd0) is not of type generic SCSI. Setting interface
to cooked_ioctl.
126976 bytes buffer memory requested, 4 buffers, 8 sectors
cooked: Read TOC : Invalid argument

I'm not sure if NFS will do the job...

It's audio CD's that seem to make it difficult, otherwise I'd just use

has anyone else done this?


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