[wellylug] More Ubuntu disks / more platforms

Wayne Koorts wkoorts at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 23:30:49 NZDT 2005

Hi Steven,

> If I may have one, I would like a copy of the PowerPC version of Ubuntu please. What could I get you in return, a box of chocolates, a box of crackers, perhaps a computer magazine of some sort?

As much as I would like any of those... :-)  I can't accept anything
because it didn't cost me anything to obtain the CD's.  They were cut
and posted to me by the Ubuntu folks at no cost to me.  Feel free to
come and collect a copy (I'm in Thorndon) or I'll be happy to drop it
off if you're ever in or near the CBD.

Please mail me off-list for my address.

Wayne Koorts
Registered Linux User #330079

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