[wellylug] Microsoft At WellyLUG last night.

Pete Black pete at marchingcubes.com
Wed Jul 13 08:33:30 NZST 2005

Its important to keep some perspective here - Microsoft is being 
challenged (e.g the NZOSS objection to the XML patent mentioned - it is 
very likely MS will not get this patent approved in NZ based on the 
NZOSS legal challenge) by 'grassroots' organisations around the globe.

Microsofts worst nightmare is strong community  around non-MS software, 
and they clearly have a mandate to try and get a voice inside these 
communities. Personally I think we gave them more of the floor than 
they deserved - and they were able to turn what should have been a 
meeting about Linux stuff  into an MS vs the world whinge-fest.

MS's position is well understood, and giving them all this attention is 
exactly what they are after. I think, before posting these big 
'MS-is-evil' rants, maybe we should back the truck up and remember what 
we all come together at WellyLUG for.

I had a good time at WellyLUG, caught up with friends I don't see as 
much as i'd like, and was able to help out some fellow Linux users with 
their problems. That, to me, is what it is all about, and if Brett 
Roberts has problems with his Linux box i'll fix it for him too.


> On Tue, 12 Jul 2005 21:55, Centurion Computer Technology Ltd wrote:
>> Are you so honest? Don't you embellish the truth when it suits your
>> purposes.  Is it worse for them to do it just because they are bigger
>> and seem to get away with it?
> Microsoft didn't embellish the truth - they used stand over tactics to 
> force
> other businesses to help keep buyers from having free choice about 
> what they
> buy - it's the "Microsoft Tax".  And it's illegal in the US 
> (anti-monopoly
> laws).
>> Fletchers did the same thing.  Bought out companies, asset stripped 
>> them
>> and sacked most of the employees.
> That has nothing to do with what Microsoft did.  It was conspiracy to 
> break
> the law.
>> Or just go and do some work, rather than grizzle about the unfairness 
>> of
>> life.
> What does this have to do with me?   What does this have to do with
> Microsoft's corporate philosophy and behavior?
> Bret

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