[wellylug] Microsoft At WellyLUG last night.

Geraint Jones g.jones at french-maid.co.nz
Wed Jul 13 14:30:58 NZST 2005

I need to ask, have any of you folks who say that paying for any
enterprise class software/os have any real experience of it ?

I have agreements with Microsoft, Oracle, SuSE (Novell) and SSA

The grand total cost for these on an annual basis is in excess of $50k.
however it is well worth it. An example being SuSE SLES - They don't
just release patches but release patches that have been tested in their
supported environments, one of these being SLES running Oracle. I could
run Oracle on Debian say, but you can bet that the maintenance/patch
policy mentions testing it on an Oracle box - They may test it alongside
any other Debian packages but not against big commercial software. So I
could install a patch and find that it breaks my Oracle instance - and
this could happen SuSE - the biggest differences being there is a far
smaller chance of the SuSE patch being a problem and if it was I could
phone SuSE and they would fix it. And fix it quickly.

$50k buys a lot of confidence and you also have a comeback on these
people. If you had a similar problem with a non supported (and by non
supported I mean not contractually supported) piece of software they
have no responsibility to fix your issue and you also have no comeback
on them.

If you look at the cost of support contracts from Microsoft, RedHat,
SuSE etc you will find they are tiny in comparison to their counterparts
at HP, IBM and Sun

And in all honesty do you really think Microsoft care that a few million
geeks run Linux when 10 times the number run Microsoft. No. whet they
don't want is Businesses running Linux on their servers and that's just
normal business just like Ford doesn't want you driving a Holden,
weather its free or not.

As for desktop OSes Linux just doesn't cut it in a business environment.

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On Wed, 13 Jul 2005 10:02, Grant McLean wrote:

> I don't personally think that what Red Hat charges for their
> Linux product represents good value for money but I certainly wouldn't
> claim that they 'provide no service'.

and of course, if you don't like their terms you can always *gasp* not
their product and download it for free instead! There is more than one 
project that repackages Redhat's enterprise offering into a free


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