[wellylug] Microsoft At WellyLUG last night.

Michael Dittmer (An Inside Job) michael at inside-job.co.nz
Wed Jul 13 20:07:30 NZST 2005

Some people you just can't argue / have a debate with, it's like smacking
your head against a brick wall.

That's the problem with some linux-only people, live in their own little
world and can't see past the end of their nose.

And no I'm not sorry for the comment because it is true.


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Jethro Carr wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-07-13 at 09:35, Cliff Pratt wrote:
>>Centurion Computer Technology Ltd wrote:
>>>Could you honestly say that Microsoft is the only one. 
>> > Is an employee automatically evil just by association?
>>Microsoft is not the only one and not the worst. One of the worst is 
>>RedHat who have the cheek to charge for free software by pretending 
>>that they provide "service". That is truly evil. Not only does it put 
>>individuals off from trying it, but it stifles innovation and promotes 
>>lock-in to 'their' product. Remember, what you now pay over $600 for 
>>you used to pay $80 for. Per annum. Or more likely 'per anum'.
> But Redhat pays developers to make their products. They must get an
> income to pay the developers.
> $600 may seem like a rip off (and it proberly is), but lets explain
> this:
> you are a in a large company and want to convince the management to
> switch from Windows to Linux. If you tell them that a Linux server
> solution costs $80 and a Windows is $1000, what are they going to think?
> They will think that there is something wrong or flawed with Linux, no
> matter what you tell them.
> However, if you say Linux is $600 and Windows is $1000, they see Linux
> simply as a cheaper alternative, but still just as good as Windows.
> (from their viewpoint - we know linux is BETTER than windows)
> Redhat aims their products at the commercial server market, and to get
> into that market they need to charge high prices to keep in line with
> all the other solutions out there.
I don't believe that you can seriously advance that 
*justification* for RedHat charging an enormous amount for 
their packaged version of Linux.
> Redhat does no stifle innovation, they are constally expanding
> opensource software, and releasing it to the community. Sure, you may
> dislike Redhat for being too commercially driven, but if you want to
> compete, you need to be.
> And Redhat DOES NOT run a monopoly, DOES NOT use closed standards, DOES
> NOT promote lies and DOES NOT try and lock people in.
It DOES promote lies! One lie is that its $600 Linux is 
better than a freely downloaded Linux. Another is that its 
$600 charge is for support. And it does try to lock people in.



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