[wellylug] Blam/Straw/Alexandria crashing in /home/adam

Adam Bogacki afb at paradise.net.nz
Fri Jul 15 22:42:15 NZST 2005

Hi, I recently find my [ PIII 0.5Gb RAM Debian unstable ] machine
freezing and running slowly, and
rss aggregators 'Blam' and 'Straw' not downloading initial feeds (while
Yarssr, Liferea, and Firefox-sage work well) and Alexandria
crashes if I try to change libraries. While true in /home/adam all these
apps work in other user accounts.

Having recently discovered rss I might be reaching cache limits -
expanding cache is one option but does not answer the question posed above.

I can't help thinking there is something badly configured in /home/adam
.. any suggestions would be welcome. Gconf ?

Adam Bogacki,
afb at paradise.net.nz

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