[wellylug] hard drive problem

Mark Robinson wellyluglist at zl2tod.net
Sat Jul 16 11:12:41 NZST 2005

Bill Christiansen wrote:

>I think the 4GB HDD on my old P2 laptop has developed a bad block or
>two. I first noticed it when ever I started synaptic there was an
>abnormally large amount of HDD activity and synaptic would take
>several times longer than normal to start. I decided to try a fresh
>install, after recreating & formating the partions but now the extra
>hard drive activity and delay seems to occur right when X is starting
>(eventually KDE does start and seems to run OK). Is there a way to do
>a surface scan and mask out the bad blocks?
>Probably time I looked at replacing the HDD but I don't think it's
>particularly easy to get to on this Toshiba satellite. I remember
>going in through the keyboard one time to have a look but couldn't see
>any way to remove the HDD without pulling the whole thing to bits.
>PS I had intended to make the last WellyLug and bring along some
>PCLinuxOS cd's but got called out of town for work so appologies.

This sounds like a machine that is "thrashing" ... spending all it's 
time swapping stuff on and off the disk to make up for a lack of 
physical memory.

Is all the RAM still working ?


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