[wellylug] laptop advice sought

Wayne Koorts wkoorts at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 15:34:25 NZST 2005

> > Whatever you do, try to use Windows-based partitioning software and 
> > preferably Partition Magic if you can.  I have had a bad experience
> > with a bug in the common Linux resizing software used in most distro's
> > which will make your Windows drive unable to boot unless you
> > re-format. 
>  I don't agree with this. Partition Magic is expensive, and the only time
> I've used it it destroyed my Windows Partition. I've never had a problem
> with Linux partioning tools when resizing or creating partitions.

"expensive" is relative.  How expensive will it be if you lose your
data that you didn't back up?  Also, I've been using PM for many years
and have not had a single problem.  Results will vary on both
platforms depending on many factors.

Wayne Koorts
Registered Linux User #330079

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