[wellylug] Mysqldump problem

Michael Dittmer michaeld at mercury-projects.co.nz
Mon Sep 12 13:36:03 NZST 2005

Thanks all for your ideas.

I now have it fixed and it works from the script.



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Jo Booth wrote:


>>> #bin/bash
>>> rm /root/MySQL_BackUp/backup.sql
>>> mysqldump -p --password=********* -alldatabases > 
>>> /root/MySQL_BackUp/backup.sql

> I'll probably just confuse the issue - and this box doesn't have the  
> man page -- but why are you mixing -'s and --'s in your arguments?   
> maybe it's expanding the -alldatabases to -a -l -l -d -a -t -a -b...  
> etc? I dunno.
> -Jo.


why are you specifying the password option twice ?

You probably need to specify a user as well ( -u option ) when you
execute mysqldump from the command line it will use your shell user as
the mysql user.

If you execute this from a cron job it will try to use the background
user ... whoever/whatever that is on your system

you might wanna try
Makes it easier to recreate/copy the database to somewhere else

You may need this option which quotes field names table names that may
be reserved words. Whcih can be the case if you're accessing a third
party database where they havent been to careful about observing naming
standards. If you dont, then your restores will fail with reserved word

heres a chunk of my db backup script (edited)

for database in `ls /var/lib/mysql`; do
   if [ -d /var/lib/mysql/$database ]; then
     /usr/bin/mysqldump -uUSERIDHERE -pPASSWORDHERE --add-drop-table
--allow-keywords $database > /BACKUPDIR/mysql/$database.sql

it works ... every night (and restores too)

Finally, there are some good examples on the mysql.com site .. have you
tried any of those??


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