[wellylug] Non-console Beep for linux ?

jumbophut jumbophut at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 13:45:52 NZST 2005

On 9/18/05, Tony Wills wrote:
> So tell me about the de-selected kernel speaker driver - is this something
> I can easily enable it by changing a flag and recompiling the kernel?  How
> is it used (is it a /dev type device) ?
It's only in 2.6 kernels (though there are patches floating around for 2.4).

>From memory, when the module is loaded, you can play sounds using 'cat
sndfile > /dev/dsp' or any other sound-playing application (e.g.

I had it going on a P100 and it was absolutely poor sound, but it was
sound (in MP3s a tune could barely be made out, with nothing at all
for OGGs, but simple game sound effects were passable).

Now, THE ONLY PROBLEM IS, in order for this to work, it has to mess
with the timer interrupt.  It does some tricky stuff to correct for
this, but as the timer interrupt is a very central part of the system,
I would not recommend it for a production system (in early versions,
people reported the xclock spinning round and round).

Tony (echo 'spend!,pocket awide' | sed 'y/acdeikospntw!, /l at omcgtjuba.phi/')

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