[wellylug] Slack 10.2

Darryl Hamilton wellylug at addict.net.nz
Tue Sep 20 12:43:32 NZST 2005

Ian Beardslee wrote:
> I try and buy directly from Slackware for every Major version, have done
> since 7 (when I also bought the book and the Shirt).

I've just ordered a copy of 10.2 and the shirt - now I feel a little 
better about myself :)

I would offer to make copies for anyone, but I don't go to LUG meetings 
that often (in fact, I think I've only been to one...), so it'd be a 
little difficult to get them to people.

(and one of these days I'll remember to set the from address to the 
correct one for the list ... >:|)


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