[wellylug] Non-console Beep for linux ?

Mark Robinson wellyluglist at zl2tod.net
Tue Sep 20 13:52:22 NZST 2005

Tony Wills wrote:
> At 01:16 18/09/2005, you wrote:
>> Tony Wills wrote:
>>> Does anyone know of a small linux program to beep the built in PC 
>>> speaker that doesn't need the console device?  (ie not echo -e "\a")
>> From man beep :
> Thanks for that, but "beep" is using the console device or the tty 
> device etc, I want something that can tweek the built in speaker on a 
> headless system that doesn't have a vga card, and the console if any is 
> on a serial line.  But I don't want the serial console/tty to beep, I 
> want the built in speaker to beep!  So I probably want some naughty 
> program that pokes directly at the hardware, or presumably there is a 
> BIOS ROM function that beeps (but then does Linux use any BIOS functions?).

It beeps the PC speaker for me, and it seems to work for processes that 
are attached to neither console nor tty.


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