[wellylug] Logging

Andrew Childs achilds at orcon.net.nz
Wed Sep 21 18:45:44 NZST 2005


> Is there a way of logging how much is going through an eth0 per user ?

If you are familiar with using something iptables-based to log the
traffic, you could use the "owner" match facility.

$ /sbin/iptables  -m owner -h


OWNER match v1.2.11 options:
[!] --uid-owner userid     Match local uid
[!] --gid-owner groupid    Match local gid
[!] --pid-owner processid  Match local pid
[!] --sid-owner sessionid  Match local sid
[!] --cmd-owner name       Match local command name

This might be useful to Mark Signal as well.


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