[wellylug] vectorlinux 5.1

Tony Wills ajwills at paradise.net.nz
Thu Sep 22 00:23:49 NZST 2005

At 23:40 21/09/2005, Rosemary wrote:
>After many attempts, and giving up, I finally have VL v5 installed. 
>Apparently 5.1 has sylpheed, xfce, and firefox, and I am keen to try 
>it.  Can anyone download and do 2 for 1 deal?  Thanks

I've got the "VL-5.1-std.iso" on one of my machines if that's what you're 
looking for.
(Also downloaded yos-i686-2.1.0-4.iso and puppy-1.0.4-mozilla.iso if anyone 
is interested)


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