[wellylug] [OT] vectorlinux 5.1

David Antliff david.antliff at paradise.net.nz
Sun Sep 25 18:49:29 NZST 2005

Bill Christiansen wrote:
>     Mine's blown already, after being on a 256k 10G plan for a long time
>     our friendly TC involunteerilly "upgraded" me to 2MB 1G when I
>     phoned up about a simple account enquiry

They threaten to do that to me, but I always make it very clear when I 
ring them that they are not to change my plan. It's worked so far - 
still on 256kbit/10GiB with no desire to change (I think their current 
product differentiation matrix is screwed up personally). Once you 
change from the old plan, they say you can never go back. This will be a 
pain when we finally manage to buy a house.


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