[wellylug] SSHD on Debian and RedHat

Cliff Pratt enkidu at cliffp.com
Thu Sep 29 22:41:21 NZST 2005

Jim Cheetham wrote:
> On Sep 29, 2005, at 9:33 PM, Cliff Pratt wrote:
>> Well, the funny thing is, the RedHat boxes used to be
 >> Debian boxes and when they were Debian, they never
 >> timed out. Now they are RedHat they time out. So the
 >> firewal, while it might be a factor, is not the cause.
> OK, so external interference is unlikely to be the cause.
 > Idle timeouts are not really a feature of iptables setups,
 > so it's likely to be the sshd on the server.
> If you have read access to the sshd config, you could
 > compare one to a Debian standard config ... that would
 > be interesting ;-)
> -jim
I guess I'll have to do that. I was just being lazy. 
iptables does not currently figure in the picture. Other 
firewalls do.



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