[wellylug] EeePC's

MDM Productions thefrasers at clear.net.nz
Sun Dec 28 10:50:54 NZDT 2008

An unsolicited testimonial: Santa brought me a 701for Christmas which 
now has EeePCLinuxOS operating from a 2Gig SDHC card. And I'm very 
pleased with the outcome. Everything works out of the box, even the Fn 
keys, and the power management is producing battery life well in excess 
of 3 hours when browsing and "sleeping" with no attempts to go flat 
overnight left alone. Since I am not a touch typist the keys are a minor 
concern, and I would like a slightly lighter touch on the scratchpad. 
$400 well spent, I'd say. I'm off to check the sales for a  quick 4Gig 
card instead to put the OS on. 

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