[wellylug] Greylisting .. does it work?

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Sun Dec 28 17:04:31 NZDT 2008


Make aggressive use of the whitelist options.
I use Postgrey and find it has helped a great deal, though it is as usual, 
not a silver bullet.

I have whitelisted all the IP addresses/ranges that I get 'trusted' email 
from in a fairly aggressive fashion, basically all valid MTA's should be 
acceptable without delay. You're looking to nail drones that can't retry, 
after all.

You can also whitelist specific addresses, so if you're using a 
context-address for a website signup that's going to require email 
validation, can be helpful to whitelist that _first_... and save you some 
delays... some of those web systems don't retry for an hour or more.. :)


On Sun, 28 Dec 2008, Ian Beardslee wrote:

> Actually this is a test to see if the greylisting is working or just
> screwing with my email.
> I've added greylistd to my exim config and the amount of junk coming
> into my systems has gone down massively.  But so has the rest of my
> email - I have had some email come in (a test from my gmail account).
> Although it could just be that people have other things to do at this
> time of the year :-)
> Hope y'all enjoying it.
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