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MDM Productions wrote:

> First timer, so my etiquette may need a brush-up!

In that case, welcome John.

> I know enough about PC's to get into bother, and nothing
> about Linux.

A dangerous combo - I foresee much frustration before enlightenment.  Stick with
it though - it's well worth it.

> It badly needs more RAM (offers accepted!)

These days, I'd recommend just buying some retail or off Trademe.  It's as cheap
as chips (kadaboom - tish.  I thang yew)

> think I want Ubuntu as it looks like familiar Windows territory for a
> newby but would take advice

Careful.  Ask 100 linux users what distro to recommend, you'll get 1*10^2
permutations.  That said, Ubuntu is a good choice for users new to linux.

> However, Puppy has a hitch that I would like to resolve. Under 'Drives'
> it can see both hard drives, the CDROM, and the USB. Under the 'Mount'
> menu it can only offer one of the hard drives, the 'D', which it happily
> does things with. The 'C' drive is not found. Can anyone help fix this
> behaviour?

I think this is best covered off by you Googling for 'mounting filesystems under
linux'.  I'm guessing your 'C' drive is formatted NTFS for Windows XP?
Well, I'm not a Puppy user, and it's getting a bit late for me to go check
(maybe someone else will clarify), but essentially Puppy either has no built in
support for the NTFS filesystem, or it has but it's not automatically mounting
NTFS drives.  So it does (as you have said) still recognise and indicate the
'presence' of the other disk, it just can't display the contents.
(I'd also advise you to google 'NTFS support under linux' paying attention to
the caveats before you go ahead and play with it).

Have fun,
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