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Colin Templeman wellylug at biker.geek.nz
Fri Jan 11 15:44:28 NZDT 2008

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Jethro Carr wrote:

| I've been approached by one of the stores, asking if we want to include
| any Wellylug promotional materials with these machines.
| What do we all think? A good idea to promote Wellylug to these new
| users?

Hi Jethro,
As the stated aims of the group (from the Wellington Linux User Group website) are:
~    * To exchange Linux and Open Source software knowledge and experience

~    * To encourage the usage of Linux and Open Source, by introducing it,
explaining it, and helping people to install it.

~    * To have a good time, meet other people and to make friends.

I would think it's a golden opportunity to put this into practice and let
potential users know there is at least a local Linux group presence that can
help them on their way!

Point taken about level of current meetings though.  To cut down frustration for
the new user (and boredom through repetition for the experienced), perhaps the
group could run some structured "GNU/Linux 101 Tutorials" at the installfests?
[An ideal starting point for tutorial content might be questions arising from a
N00b FAQ hosted on the website.]  New users could subsequently join the regular
meetings if they feel it's their thing.

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