[wellylug] linux sold preinstalled

Michael Grant alice.callum at xtra.co.nz
Fri Jan 11 21:38:18 NZDT 2008

Acer has been shipping laptops with linpus linux pre-installed in most of asia for some time now, I noticed it last year when I bought a laptop in Thailand, as the box was emblazoned with the chubby linpus penguin. Later I found out that the shop owners had blew out linpus and replaced it with a pirated copy of xp proffesional ( not that i use either linpus or xp natively)..

Hope that this makes sense as to why they would ship it here aswell, 

Cheers, Callum

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Quoting Stephen Judd:

> > Hope it's not Linpus?
> __Linpus__ ?!
> That's an unfortunate name. A very unfortunate name.
Heh.  There is that.

> Somehow I feel cheated by this pre-installation business though.
> Setting up new boxes is fun (except when it isn't).
But it may appeal to recovering windows users.  Certainly not
my cup of tea.

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