[wellylug] Bill Gates Steps Down, as Tech Users Reflect

Atom Smasher atom at smasher.org
Sun Jul 6 01:33:01 NZST 2008

not a bad article, with some highlights quoted below. at the moment there 
are several comments, and none of them are kind to mr bill.

Bill Gates Steps Down, as Tech Users Reflect

"Estimates of Microsoft's market share range as high as 90 percent - a 
number disputed by some, given the growing popularity of GNU/Linux (a 
free, open-source operating system)."

"Complaints range from security issues, to stability, to ease of use. But 
much of the tension between Microsoft and the community stems from the 
company's closed-source model."

"The source code is the human-readable (well, programmer-readable) format 
of an operating system's core composition. In operating systems such as 
GNU/Linux and FreeBSD, the OS is transparent and configurable by the user. 
While from a computer user's perspective, this may seem an esoteric and 
unimportant detail, availability of source code is extremely important for 
developers, hardware designers, and yes, for the computer user."


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 	"You don't get everything you want. A dictatorship would
 	 be a lot easier."
 		-- George "dubya" Bush, describing what it's like
 		to be governor of Texas. (Governing Magazine 7/98)

 	"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot
 	 easier, just so long as I'm the dictator."
 		-- George "dubya" Bush
 		18 Dec 2000 CNN.com

 	"A dictatorship would be a heck of a lot easier, there's
 	 no question about it."
 		George "dubya" Bush, 27 Jul 2001 Associated Press

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