[wellylug] somewhat off-topic Sparc

Jonathan Harker jon at jon.geek.nz
Tue Jul 15 14:36:54 NZST 2008

Sam Vilain wrote:
> nic wrote:
>> Hi people
>> Does anyone know if there's any way to run old SPARCstation-5 binaries written for Solaris 
>> 2.5.1 (uname says SunOS 5.5.1.) (I said the code was old) on more modern Sun hardware?
>> If not, does anyone know where I could try to find out more about this?
> On Solaris, should Just Work™ AFAIK, so long as you're on a sun4m or
> sun4u platform (ie, not an x86 sun).  You might need some binary
> compatibility package or 32-bit compatibility package.
> This is a Linux list of course, but according to
> http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-mini/Linux+Solaris.html#ss7.2, support
> for running Solaris binaries was never implemented.  I don't know about
> OpenSolaris.
> Sam.

In a hurry so can't check, but I remember something similar getting SCO 
OpenServer binaries running in Linux. There (was) an ABI binary 
compatibility patch for the Linux kernel at that time (2001). No idea if 
that's helpful! :)


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