[wellylug] Setting up after system failure

John Durham john.modec at xtra.co.nz
Mon Jul 28 11:10:57 NZST 2008

Pete Black wrote:
> Short answer: yes - its called SAMBA, which implements SMB (Windows file 
> and printer sharing)networking.
> Long answer: yes - but configuring it is sometimes not as simple as one 
> would like, due to the mismatch between UNIX and Windows account naming 
> and policies, as well as the different versions of Windows default 
> behaviour when mounting file shares.
> Under GNOME, it should be possible to right-click a directory and share 
> it. Whether this will actually allow a user on your Win98 workstation to 
> access it - I don't know.
> You may also need to install and configure the SAMBA packages before 
> these options become available.
> SAMBA usually requires some configuration  - creating samba-specific 
> accounts with the smbpasswd utility or similar - for user-authenticated 
> access, and even if you set it up for anonymous access, you can have 
> trouble with the default file and directory permissions. Generally 
> speaking, GUI configuration tools for SMB networking under Linux are 
> rather sub-optimal.
> SWAT - Samba web administration tools - are what I usually use to 
> configure SMB networking, though the KDE control center has some decent 
> support for this stuff.
> This tut. is slightly dated, but might be instructive.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ad17kma8rNM
> -Pete
>> My windows XP pro machine died yesterday due to a power problem that 
>> took out the motherboard and protection devices. To restore services I 
>> set up a spare machine with Ubuntu 8. So far it does email and web 
>> browsing very well.
>> The problem arises with file sharing. I recently published a novel:
>> http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=1382737
>> Development of it required full file sharing from the W98 
>> c'reator'machine with the XP Pro ínternet capable machine over NETBEUI. 
>> Now that the XP system is dead, simple file sharing would make a big 
>> difference in the office.
>> Is there yet a way to do that on a Ubuntu system?
Well, I finally got to ping the local machine succesfully from the 
command prompt (after installing a network card for the local LAN). That 
is as far as I get for now. At least contact is possible.

Have not located anything like SMB or Samba yet. Got any more 
suggestions? (running Ubuntu 8).

John Durham
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