[wellylug] (no subject)

Pete Black pete at marchingcubes.com
Tue Nov 18 10:18:35 NZDT 2008

thefrasers wrote:
> Dear All,
> Just to recap, what do you all think of the Acer Eee
> notebooks

I have a black 701 - it runs Ubuntu. Pretty happy with it's styling, 
ergonomics (keyboard has reasonable feel but is cramped, - find the 
cursor keys too close to other keys mostly) and portability, and its 
Linux compatibility is really good,  though its unusable for me in some 
situations due to its power drain in sleep mode - e.g. you can't suspend 
it and expect it to have any battery left after about 12 hours sleeping. 
It drains the battery even when turned completely off - only way to 
prevent this is to physically disconnect the battery.

Presumably they have improved this with the 900/901 models, but i 
wouldn't bet on that.

I still use it quite a lot though - and it was definitely worth the 
purchase price, but if it broke, would I buy another? No, I think i'd 
look elsewhere. The screen is too small to run apps like thunderbird 
comfortably, which i use a lot. Possibly the newer eee's are worth the 
price, but i'm not lining up to upgrade.


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