[wellylug] wellylug domain name

Jethro Carr jethro.carr at jethrocarr.com
Sat Oct 18 17:37:55 NZDT 2008

On Sat, 2008-10-18 at 16:17 +1300, Donald Gordon wrote:
> Hi
> wellylug.org.nz is up for renewal in a month or so.  Seeing as I
> haven't really been involved in the group for a while, someone else
> should probably look after it.
> Discuss among yourselves :-)

I'm happy to look after it, since I organise the meetings I'm probably
the best person to do so.

Wellylug still has a bit of cash from installfests to pay the
registration fees without a problem.

So, everyone ok with this?

Jethro Carr
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