[wellylug] RAID1 on OS disk

nic nic at tymar.com
Fri Oct 24 11:32:00 NZDT 2008

My experience has been that the OS will boot with a single faulty disk (as you'd expect). 
Then mdadm will show you that one disk is toast, and you can do the recovery from there 
(if you hold your tongue right and sacrifice the correct coloured goat).

I've never had _any_ useful success with BIOS raid. It works on the surface, but is a pain 
in the bus [sic] when you actually ant to try to recover, or replace a disk, or do 
anything that you'd expect to work.

But that's all just me, YMMV


E Chalaron wrote:
> Hi there
> Just a technical question before I bugger my PC...
> I need a Raid 1 for my operating system. Data are irrelevant the can be 
> reproduced easily and they already are on RAID 0 on 2 other disks.
> I was wondering when one uses a soft RAID 1 with Linux, how can a Linux 
> kernel  detect a faulty drive, if it already can't boot ? :-[
> Am I not better off using a BIOS RAID 1 to preserve operating system ?
> I can always do a dd I suppose, but it is a bit heavy.
> Cheers
> E

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