[wellylug] CrossOver for Linux is free for >24 hours

Roger Searle woja at paradise.net.nz
Wed Oct 29 09:19:49 NZDT 2008

There is a temporary page up at the moment and fully unlocked builds are 
available, from my installation and running of Excel just now I didn't 
require the use of the serial number that I got yesterday.  So, it's not 
necessary to get the serial number first before downloading, and it 
might be that with this build you don't need it at all - be quick.


David Harrison wrote:
> For anyone that likes to play the odd bit of HalfLife 2, CodeWeavers  
> are giving away CrossOver for the next 12+ hours:
> http://lameduck.codeweavers.com/free/
> Due to high demand their site is not working that well, but requesting  
> a serial works (you just can't activate it).
> Fortunately they've extended the activation period 48 hours, so there  
> shouldn't be any long-term issue getting your free copy.
> David

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