[wellylug] Network Attached Storage

Lindsay Hunter lindsay at csw.co.nz
Tue Feb 17 09:28:39 NZDT 2009

When I began my search, I was thinking about upgrading my local network 
to full gigabit ethernet.  I have a mixture of devices, and files sizes 
are increasing so backup and stuff becomes an issue.  19 Gb of Intunes 
is an example.  A mixture of USB2 devices, and 100 mbit switches etc.  
Time to coordinate.

NAS would need to operate at close to disk transfer speeds, 1 Gb 
ethernet, be industry standard files sytems, quiet and cool.

Can we do that?  With ethernet, it can be setup up a long way from the 
user which means noise is not a problem.


Xav Paice wrote:
> ----- "Lindsay Hunter" wrote:
> > Has anyone here given thought to network attached storage with linux at
> > an affordable level?  The commercial offerings seem to be lacking.
> >
> Many angles to look at here - there's a hunky server with a platform 
> of some sort dishing out storage to other boxen (www.openfiler.com is 
> one easy option), or there's a Windows file server replacement (again 
> Openfiler, or just any distro with Samba is cool) or there's something 
> more appliance based which is harder to define.
> What sort of size/shape are you looking for?  And depending on the 
> audience, what is the need for commercial support?
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