[wellylug] Meetings for 2009

Peter Lynch Peter.Lynch at acc.co.nz
Tue Feb 24 15:14:06 NZDT 2009

Hi Jethro et al,

I enjoyed attending the monthly meetings last year, but would definitely
welcome the occasional weekend meeting so I can bring my pc along for
configuration/trouble-shooting etc...

Would I be interested in making a presentation?  The answer is yes, but
the real question is would others be interested in listening?  I have
rather limited experience of Linux, so what I would talk about would, I
suspect, not be particulary new.  However, it would allow me to get
feedback from more experienced hands about what/what not/how to do the
things that I have alreasdy tackled.

Peter Lynch

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hi all,

The observant amongst you will have noticed that there have been no
meetings organised for 2009.

This is my fault for having too many things going on in Jan and
forgetting to do it...

Before we can hold meetings, there are a few things we need to get


I would like some feedback regarding what you would like Wellylug
meetings to be.

In 2008 we were running the meetings once a month in the evening - is
this the preferred method, or would a longer maybe less frequent meeting
be better?

For example, we could potentially hold a meeting on a weekend day for
several hours which might appeal to people more - more time to relax, do
presentations and the longer time/weekend date would make it easy for
those who want to bring a PC with them.

Let me know what you think, any ideas you have, comments, feedback,
complaints, etc. :-)


We also need to find a new venue - somewhere that has a projector or
large TV, since Silverstripe has moved and although we could still use
the meeting location thanks to PlanHQ, there is no projector there and
building access is a nuisance as the lifts lock after 6pm.

The venue requirements will really depend on the answer to my question
about what meetings should be, but if you have a space that Wellylug
could use with a project/TV for presentations, please send me an
email. :-)


Jethro Carr
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