[wellylug] Next Meeting - 30th September (not 16th)

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   The 30th may be OK. I thought it would be advanced one week, but in two weeks, I can arrange at work to have it free :)
   Topics?  Uhm... from my newbie position, as I have only arrived in New Zealand a couple of months ago... and remembering my doubts about which laptop to buy... what about something like which hardware is mostly compatible with Linux?  Another thing I can do for you, if it is of any use, is try to make a link between you guys and the local Linux community in my city, in Argentina, which is pretty big (both, the community and the city). Linux is very popular in my country.
   Unfortunately, my experience with Linux is rather recent. I have been a DOS low level programmer for a long time and resisted against the "windows takeover", but then I found it would be a stronger point to learn to use Linux and now, with both FreeDOS and Ubuntu Linux, I am entirely independent from windows. So I'm willing to learn as much as I can :)


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hi all,

Please note that the next Wellylug meeting will be held on the 30th of
September, rather than the 16th.

There are two main reasons to this:

1) The venue isn't available on the 16th.

2) The 30th fits in well with Software Freedom Day, having the meeting a
1.5 weeks after SFD is a good opportunity for new users to get involved
whilst the event is still fresh in their minds.

At this stage I haven't gotten any particular talks lined up, anyone
here interested in doing a talk about some topic involving Linux or OSS?


Jethro Carr

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