[wellylug] Ubuntu Netbook Remix - it's pretty slick!

Callum Grant callum.el.grant at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 19:57:53 NZST 2009

Hey everyone,
at SFD I noticed that a lot of people had the good old Asus EEE 701 and I'd
like to give my 2 cents on the netbook version of Ubuntu 9.04 on the 701.

So, if any of you guys have a 701 I would strongly suggest that you take a
look at the netbook remix, especially if you find other "for netbook" type
distros too slow. Admittedly it did run like a dog for me to start off with
but now with the latest updates it's as snappy as it ever could be (with
512mb RAM).

Does anybody want to share the distro that they run on their netbook? I'm
always open to new more exciting custom distros (there are too many to count
off for the 701 alone!).

I'll bring my 701 along to the next meeting so if anyone wants to have a
play you're more than welcome!

P.S SFD was awesome!

Callum Grant
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