[wellylug] File recovery after a crash.

MDM Productions thefrasers at clear.net.nz
Wed Sep 23 13:22:07 NZST 2009

My laptop runs PCLOS 2009.1 derived from Mandriva(?), ext3 FS, and has 
fallen foul of an unhappiness with Suspending To Disk when the lid is 
closed. And yes, I must remove that "feature"!
On boot, it finds fault with /dev/hda6 at a huge hex number and drops to 
a Control-D reboot or to a shell.
I potter about learning as I go, but I am woefully ignorant of what is 
under the bonnet. For today's lesson, could one of you clever people out 
there instruct on what to tell the Command Line in order to begin the 
healing process. I expect that it was discussed back in Linux 101 on a 
day I was absent from school! Thanks.


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