[wellylug] Server log capture/analysis

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Fri Apr 9 12:55:31 NZST 2010

Cliff Pratt <enkidu at cliffp.com> writes:
> John Durham wrote:
>> A contact of mine just asked me this about my CentOS 4.8 server.
>>> Do you have a web server which you receive log files from? I'm writing a
>>> web server log analyzer, and so far I only have access to the server logs
>>> generated by my Windows server hosted web sites.

Just FWIW, Apache runs on Windows, so he could trivially install it himself.


>>> For instance my web server logs have the following column header
>>> definitions, and non data lines at the beginning of each day's log -


>>> I need to adapt my program to different column header layouts to
>>> accommodate different web server logs.

...and this suggests that he probably hasn't really *seen* other log formats,
since they don't really do the same sort of "column header" bits or anything.

>> This man would be interested in your response.
> Since Apache log files can be customised in many ways, he is not going to get
> a definitive answer, is he? I guess he could go for the 'standard out of the
> box' format, but I'm not even sure that that is the same across all distros.

Well, most distributions use one of two custom log formats — with, or without,
the vhost name, but no one uses the "standard" log format.

So, indeed, this will be quite a challenge for the developer.

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