[wellylug] Just discovered server is not serving up pages

Mark Foster blakjak at blakjak.net
Sun Jan 2 20:03:48 NZDT 2011

John, please add a couple of carrier returns between quoted and added 
text, as it's very hard to follow what you're adding to the thread (esp 
when wordwrap does odd things).

On Sun, 2 Jan 2011, John Durham wrote:

> On 2/01/2011 7:13 p.m., Don Gould wrote:
>> On 2/01/2011 6:39 p.m., John Durham wrote:
>>> Thanks, I did what I could, but don't know how to update the DNS on
>>> the Centos server. Would the situation be clearer if you could
>>> 1) See the server
>>> 2) Give it the needed commands directly?
>>> I am still keen to learn about these things, especially if one of you
>>> can demonstrate how they are done.
>>> PS: Due to the importance of this server, I cannot move it off site or
>>> shut it down for long. This is much more your territory than mine.
>> John I'm still simply unclear what you're trying to do.
> I am trying to maintain the server files correctly.

What does this mean?  "maintain the server files" - do you mean you've 
made a change to the content of your website?

>> What is the domain name that you are wanting pointed at the server?
> modecideas.com

As I indicated earlier, the IP of your server at home doesn't match what's 
in the DNS.  The indications are that it's been this way for some time.

>> What is actually wrong that you're not happy with?
> After trying to do the server maintainance, the server simply ignored the 
> commands I put in at the command prompt.

define 'server maintenance' and define 'ignored' and define the commands 
you used.  You're being so generic, it's impossible to assist you at such 
a generic level.

>> I'm happy to ssh in and have a look for you, but I don't yet clearly
>> understand what your issues are.
>> D
> The domain name is modecideas.com which has been mine for years.
> So far I tried a bunch of commands, but the shutdown/reboot followed by 
> results just refused to happen.

Until you say what you're trying to do (exactly) and how you've tried to 
do it (exactly) it's going to be very hard to help.

The following assumes your website should point to the IP of your  home 
server as quoted earlier.

Go to ehost.com and have them update the A records for www.modecideas.com 
and modecideas.com (the non-host record) to the IP of your webserver. 
That's the first thing to do, I assume, though again this doesn't explain 
how it worked before, and doesn't work now.

I'm afraid telling you exactly how to do the above would depend on us 
knowing how DNS updates are performed by the people who host your domain 
name's DNS service. Can't help you there i'im afraid.

If you wish to get folks from a community such as this to help you out, 
you need to be specific enough that the folks who aren't as intimately 
familiar with your environment as you are.  Please bear this in mind when 
asking for help, otherwise all you're going to do is irritate the very 
folks you're asking for help.


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