[wellylug] Just discovered server is not serving up pages

John Durham john.modec at xtra.co.nz
Tue Jan 4 08:09:49 NZDT 2011

On 4/01/2011 12:28 a.m., Mark Harris wrote:
> On 2/01/11 7:22 PM, John Durham wrote:
>> The domain name is modecideas.com which has been mine for years.
>> So far I tried a bunch of commands, but the shutdown/reboot followed by
>> results just refused to happen.
> It seems to me like you are merely suffering some confusion about how to
> manage your self-hosted domain name.
> As I understand your situation:
> 1) you've been hosting your website on a server in your office (I do
> hope that you are not doing anything else with that server, like running
> your workfiles or applications)
> 2) it is running off a TelstraClear Cable connection
> 3) you have been using ehost as the domain name registrar
> 4) the website has been running recently (that's a question/guess, as
> the Web Archive has not taken a refresh since 2008
> http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.modecideas.com)
> 5) you have recently decided to change your registrar to kiwihost, so
> that you can work in NZ currency.
> Is this correct?
> In order for kiwihost to become your registrar, they have to gain
> control of the name from ehost.
> Currently, that name is registered through ehost:
> +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> Registration Service Provided By: Domain Name Holding Company, Inc.
> Contact:
> Domain name: modecideas.com
> Registrant Contact:
> eHost
> Domain Support ()
> Fax:
> 70 Blanchard rd.
> HASH(0xbd731c0)
> Burlington, MA 01803
> US
> Administrative Contact:
> eHost
> Domain Support ()
> +1.8665634678
> Fax:
> 70 Blanchard rd.
> HASH(0xbd64450)
> Burlington, MA 01803
> US
> Technical Contact:
> ModecInstrumentsLtd
> John Durham ()
> +64.45286786
> Fax: 64 4 5286786
> 16HudsonAve
> UpperHutt, Wellington 6007
> NZ
> Status: Locked
> Name Servers:
> ns1.ehost.com
> ns2.ehost.com
> Creation date: 19 Sep 2000 00:27:41
> Expiration date: 19 Sep 2012 00:27:41
> ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
All correct so far (well done).
> and that shows that ehost's nameservers are still handling requests for
> the name.
> Ping, which will be using those nameservers, is trying to access a
> server at IP which may be ehost's redirect server.
> (Interesting, it's actually their SMTP server
> http://whatismyipaddress.com/ip/ - note to self: never use
> ehost for anything)
> Did you change anything at ehost recently?
I checked the settings at ehost and found them current and good for 
several years yet.
> The way this should work is that browser requests to modecideas.com
> should be routed to the ehost nameservers by the DNS, which then send
> the requests to your site. If you were hosted on ehost, as most of their
> clients probably are, it would be an internal redirect within their
> system. As you host the site yourself AND you don't rely on them for an
> IP address (as yours is issued through TelstraClear), ehost probably has
> a single redirecting server with a lookup table which they send such
> requests to, so that they rarely have to change their nameserver records
> if you change your IP address - they only have to update the lookup table.
> Given what I can see of their site, I'm guessing they don't want every
> Tom, Dick and HelpDesk Harry poking around in the nameserver making
> changes.
> If you have asked kiwihost to become your domain registrar, then they
> have not yet managed the transfer of name from ehost to themselves,
> possibly due to the name being locked to prevent inadvertent transfer
> away from ehost. Also, it may be that Xmas/New Year has interfered (this
> is never a good time to do shit that relies on other companies in other
> countries, BTW)
A fair comment (appreciated). After checking the duration of ehost 
subscription it seemed best to let it run its course.
Note: Changes are sometimes prompted by messageas regarding expiry of 
the domain (which expires at Sept 19 2012.
This indicates no problem with the current arrangement.
> If they have done it, then the DNS has not propagated the change yet,
> which it should have. This is nothing you can affect within your system.
> Stop fiddling now, as you may inadvertently break something trying to
> get a response :-D
I try not to break things where possible.
> Here's some points to consider:
> 1 Have you authorised kiwihost to become your domain name registrar?
> 2 Have you advised ehost that you are changing registrar?
> 3 Has this website actually been operational recently (on the web, not
> just in your office)?
I am considering these things.
For the time being I will stick with what works.

> I think you need to talk to kiwihost about this situation - it's not a
> Linux issue, it's purely related to the Internet.
That much is clear, although I get confused at times. Must find that 
unconfusel (where did I leave it?).
Final note: at present I see traffic accessing the server. If you can 
discern other factors that may cause problems, then please advise.

> Good luck.
> ~mark
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