[wellylug] Introduce

franck fgd at hush.com
Thu Jan 27 04:31:56 NZDT 2011

Hi everyone,

I'd like to introduce my self as a linux user for a few decades now (I have to 
admit that time goes and I'm not getting any younger).

Our little familly plan to move to Wellington in a few month so I'm not really 
a Welly Linux user atm but hopefully I will soon.

Back to the subject, my name is Franck and an IT guy for 15 years. Hard to 
describe my skills but I know a good part of linux, infrastructure 
(virtualization and traditionnal), web based technologies... but I'm not a dev 
even if I can find my way in php and java.

As I have spare time currently, don't hesitate to ask, I would be pleased to 
offer my experience and share it with anyone.
Oh... and it's free... 'specially if you bring a beer.

'Nice day to all.

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