[wellylug] pulseaudio & skype

Rob Collins robcollins55 at aim.com
Tue Mar 15 09:20:38 NZDT 2011

Well I successfully got Opensuse 11.4 up and running on my acer intel 
laptop with ATI sound.  Everything works really well with many speed 
improvements especially noticeable now kde4.6 is the desktop.  Well that 
is except for skype 2.1b2 because Opensuse have now swapped to 
pulseaudio (dammit).  Can anybody tell me what I should be doing to 
assess what is going wrong that my pulseaudio skpe cannot use the 
internal mic (the one just above the laptop display)?  btw, all other 
sound recording apps seem to be working fine, it appears to be just 
skype with the problem.

I have tried having pavucontrol open to check for mic usage with its 
usage meter but it seems they have set opensuse's sound system up so 
that pavucontrol takes TOTAL control of the sound system while running 
so no other application can access the sound!  All I get with sound 
recording apps when I try to run while pavucontrol is up are "cannot 
access sound device..." type messages.

Rob Collins
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