[wellylug] WellyLUG rekindling

E Chalaron e.chalaron at xtra.co.nz
Thu Mar 14 14:36:25 NZDT 2013

Thanks for trying Hugh; I suggest

 1. you do it,
 2. set your rules & those who don't like them can just not registered
    and keep moaning. They will be free to do so.

If you wait for everybody to agree nothing will ever happen.

On 14/03/13 14:21, Hugh Davenport wrote:
> On 2013-03-14 14:19, E Chalaron wrote:
>>> I like the idea of using Meetup because it opens the doors for others
>>> outside the WellyLUG community as well. There are already a fair
>>> number of techy groups on Meetup - I'm sure we could get some numbers
>>> from there as well. Using Meetup, we could announce stuff like
>>> Installfests, which may encourage newbies to learn more about Linux
>>> and FLOSS culture.
>> Very good point, if one does not use the actual tools of communication
>> one might just as well do nothing.
> I would agree. By posting the initial message I was hoping to start
> something, and will continue down that track until it all falls into
> place. Facebook is one avenue, as is Meetup, as is a whole raft of
> things. I'm just trying to gauge the best combination of tools for
> communication for the group.
> Cheers,
> Hugh

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