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Pedro Worcel pedro at worcel.com
Fri Mar 15 09:22:39 NZDT 2013

I was going to suggest diaspora!

I don't know, I don't think we should be worrying so much about whether we
use facebook / whatever since before that we need to get together and write
some code and have some beer or whatever ;) much more important

2013/3/15 Colin Templeman <wellylug at biker.geek.nz>

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> on 14/03/2013 01:37 Kingsley G. Morse Jr. said:
> > facebook alternative
> Tumbleweed for months then a full inbox!  As I'm still in the UK I've only
> just got to read all these posts.  FWIW I don't Facebook either but the
> mailing list is still relevant to me (it does one thing very well).  My
> thoughts are since we're advocating linux/open source, perhaps we should
> put
> our money where our mouth is (as it were).
> So the first thing that came to my mind reading the flame about Facebook
> was
> why not set up a Diaspora node (self hosted) for those that wish to
> indulge in
> social networking?  It can be completely autonomous or dovetailed into the
> other mainstream social networking feeds if people wish.  I'll leave the
> details for those that CBA but if you are going to use social networking,
> at
> least do it in the right fashion :)
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