[wellylug] Meeting next Monday

Brent Wood pcreso at pcreso.com
Wed Nov 13 18:44:44 NZDT 2013

Well, I'm back from a good time at FOSS4G in the UK, but am presenting at an Open Data workshop in Palmerston North on Monday & I won't be back in time for the LUG meeting.

So my apologies once again!!

Will there be a Dec meeting or will that be too close to Christmas?

(Because I'm expecting to be working at sea for most of January - so will not make that meeting either)

Brent Wood

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Subject: [wellylug] Meeting next Monday

So I've been ultra busy this month, and have forgot to get this 

I think Alex Nielson offered to do a talk. Alex, is this still the case?

Otherwise, if anyone is keen to speak, let me know.

I may do a short talk about GPG, and potentially have a key signing 
if there is enough people with keys to sign!



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