[wellylug] Fwd: Summer of Tech lunchtime session on tech communities

Hugh Davenport hugh at davenport.net.nz
Fri Nov 14 08:30:51 NZDT 2014


Ruth McDavitt from the Summer of Tech team asked me to forward an email
to technical user groups / meetups that I know of who might be
interested in joining a lunchtime session to briefly introduce what they
are doing etc.

 From Ruth:
Community tech talk - 21 November
Owen would really appreciate you spreading the word to user group
organisers/community managers about the "Community" Tech Talk on the
21st [of November].  It would be great if any of them can attend, and be
prepared to introduce their groups, tell people when they meet, and
basically give the students/interns and any "potential new members"  in
the audience a feel for what the group does and how it'll help them
connect to industry & peers.

Here is the link for RSVPs: https://summeroftech2014.lilregie.com/step1
If they can put their user group name in the "organisation" field that
would be really handy so we can know who's coming from which group.
Please know that we are opening up the event to public registrations
tomorrow morning, so if your contacts can register soon that will ensure
they get a spot!

Thank you

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