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edouard chalaron e.chalaron at xtra.co.nz
Wed Feb 17 14:53:24 NZDT 2016

Hello all

I am trying to compile some code using cmake
the cmake list contains some instructions to look into libavutils (so a
priori I need to have the devel packages for ffmpeg and the lot; which I

pkg_search_module(ARAVIS REQUIRED aravis-0.4 aravis-0.2)
pkg_check_modules(GIO REQUIRED gio-2.0)
pkg_check_modules(SWSCALE REQUIRED libswscale)
pkg_check_modules(AVCODEC REQUIRED libavcodec)
pkg_check_modules(AVUTIL REQUIRED libavutil)
find_package( OpenCV REQUIRED )

-- checking for module 'gio-2.0'
--   found gio-2.0, version 2.42.2
-- checking for module 'libswscale'
--   found libswscale, version 3.1.101
-- checking for module 'libavcodec'
--   found libavcodec, version 56.60.100
-- checking for module 'libavutil'
--   found libavutil, version 54.31.100

THEN I am ending up with 
-- Looking for av_pix_fmt_desc_get
-- Looking for av_pix_fmt_desc_get - not found

av_pix_fmt_desc_get is actually from pixdesc.h which is part of
libavutil-devel (/usr/include/ffmpeg/libavutil)
and shows as
const AVPixFmtDescriptor *av_pix_fmt_desc_get(enum AVPixelFormat

So all seems to be here and cmake keeps failing

Can anyone put me on the right direction there. I am completely lost

Thanks heaps

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