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Hugh Davenport hugh at davenport.net.nz
Mon Jun 20 10:43:27 NZST 2016

Reminder that this is tonight, 6pm, level 3 catalyst house. If you arrive late and doors are locked, call me on 0276946639, or email.



June 19 2016 6:42 PM, "Hugh Davenport"  wrote:

Just a reminder that this is tomorrow night.
On 14 June 2016 7:05:57 PM NZST, Hugh Davenport  wrote:
	Hi All, We also have Brent Wood talking for 5-10 minutes on using postgres and R together to generate static graphs, rather than relying on every web request doing computational data. And I thought as my talk is related to GPG, why not do a keysigning as well! If you have a GPG key you would like signed, bring along the fingerprint of it (signing-party package on debian has a gpg-ps tool which will let you print out a bunch), and some ID so we can verify it is you attached to the key. Otherwise, if you send me the fingerprint, I can probably organise to get some printed as well. Cheers, Hugh June 13 2016 8:27 PM, "Hugh Davenport"  wrote: Hi All,

The next WellyLUG meeting will be next Monday night, 20th June, 6:30pm, Level
3 Catalyst IT.

Currently don't have any speakers (unless I have forgotten someone!), so I'm putting myself
forward and going to do a talk on a password manager called pass, or password store. Pass
is a wrapper around GPG, and can sync with git, so you can run it on your laptop/desktop, and
also on your android phone.

There will probably be time for another talk after, quick or medium length, so let me know,
or just throw up your hand on the night.



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